A former Newport Beach finance director filed a lawsuit against the city claiming he was fired for no reason last year.

Dan Matusiewicz took up his last position with the city in 2012, but was employed by the city from 1992. He was the city’s finance director until November 2nd.

In a lawsuit filed on his behalf, his lawyer, Dennis Wagner, alleged the city put Matusiewicz on administrative leave in October for no legitimate reason.

The lawsuit alleges that city manager Grace Leung targeted older workers with the city “possibly with the aim of cutting costs, avoiding the payment of benefits, or moving employees with higher benefits for lower benefits.”

Wagner said the claim was self explanatory.

“He was never given reasons for being fired, but his age could also be a factor as the city manager apparently was more concerned about people retiring than focusing on running the city,” Wagner wrote in an email Friday.

Leung denied the allegations made in the nine-page annex to Matusiewicz’s report dated Jan.

“It has been alleged that employees were targeted because of their age,” Leung said in a released statement.