Fox’s 2021 upfront presentation focused in large part on the fact that both Fox and the streaming service Tubi are entirely supported by ads, standing in contrast with other streamers associated with broadcast networks.

Numerous references were made to the fact that Tubi has no paywall like other streamers, with plenty of jabs at the competition. Those included multiple well-done comedy skits, like one modeled on a pharmaceutical ad for a drug designed to help ad buyers struggling with “Max+ syndrome.” Another, an animation sequence in the style of “The Simpsons,” saw a beleaguered ad buyer trying and failing to get over the paywall at HBO Max while also bemoaning the fact his ads run in a constant loop on Peacock — and only during “Punky Brewster.” The skit even poked fun at the many corporate parent changes for WarnerMedia, though it clearly was made prior to the recent Discovery/AT&T news.

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