Portland, Maine, June 3, 2021 (Universal News Service)-More than 20 local art organizations and restaurants will be in A kind Midsummer Night’s Dream, A free carnival-style concert and community celebration in Portland, Maine on Friday, June 11, 2021, suitable for people of all ages.

A free carnival-style concert kicked off a 10-day classical music event Portland Bach Experience From June 11th to June 20th, famous for its innovative performances, unique works and nationally renowned artists, Midsummer Night’s Dream Through an afternoon classical music performance, a community parade with giant puppets, a children’s maker space, Fairy queen Drag show and community dance party.

According to the founder and art director of Portland Bach Experience, Dr. Emily Isaacson, “After a year of social distancing, virtual vacations and distance education, Midsummer Night’s Dream It is designed to bring communities together safely-personally and/or virtually-to share our talents, affirm our vitality and celebrate our endurance. “

Midsummer Night’s Dream Opening at 3 pm, the orchestra celebrated at 3:30 pm, ushering in the scene of Portland Bach experience Fairy queenAt 5:30 in the afternoon, the giant puppets of the Lace Theater led wooden fairies and fairies of all ages in a community parade, encouraging the wearing of costumes.This Fairy queen The live orchestra drag show will be held at 6 pm, and finally a community dance will be held at 7 pm.