The MLB has traditionally been more reluctant than the other major sports to take a political stance. Not this time.

Major League Baseball’s decision to pull the 2021 All-Star Game and prospect draft from Atlanta has drawn more eyes to the newly passed voter laws in Georgia. Republicans say the laws are common sense voter laws to ensure confidence in the vote while Democrats like President Joe Biden have called the laws “Jim crow on steroids”.

Commissioner of Baseball Robert Manfred Jr. announced on Friday that the decision comes after extensive discussions with clubs, players, the Players Association, and others regarding voting rights and recent developments in Georgia.

“The people are clearly not going to stand for this sort of soft coup to take away their right to vote,” said Quinnipiac University Associate Professor Richard Hanley.

Civil rights activists have called Georgia’s SB 202 legislation a form of voter suppression. Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp says that is not the case and rather the laws make sure the elections are secure and that all Georgians have confidence in it. Read more