The new Vissles V84 wireless keyboard took me a few days to get customized and used to. But now I’m hooked.

Taking the white keyboard, surrounded by a black plastic bottom frame out of the box and pairing (Bluetooth 5.1) with a computer is easy, but there’s a lot of customization and comfort to make it stand out.

Measuring 12.4-by-4.9-by-1.5 inches, and 84 keys, it’s built with a 75% layout, compared to a full-sized keyboard, essentially a standard keyboard without the numerical keys on the right. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Some keys are hot-swappable. V84 is compatible with almost all the MX style 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. This brings different ways to show off the backlights. Included are 19 dynamic backlit types and nine monochrome backlit types. Software is included to create personalized RGB lighting effects, shortcuts and macros.

The RGB effects have five levels of brightness and five levels of speed. Patterns include waves, static, rainbows and more. Each effect can have eight colors. The lights illuminate under the keys and shine through the spaces between each, enabling them to light but not a distraction shining directly at you.

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