If you’re a “Star Wars” fan — and I know there are a lot of you out there — Anker has launched the Nebula Capsule II Star Wars R2-D2 Limited Edition Smart Mini Projector. The space-inspired pocket-sized projector came about when Nebula joined forces with “Star Wars.”

Based on the popular films, Anker refers to the Android TV cinema as a pocket-sized movie droid for “Star Wars” fans featuring the look of R2-D2. The portable movie theater is built just like it’s named, a capsule, measuring 8.86-by-4.61-by-4.41 inches, weighing 26.1 ounces. It’s perfect for bringing any of the ever-popular movies to life on a screen in your home, and with ease.

With my outdoor movie environment in place for a 6-foot screen, the Nebula Capsule II Star Wars R2-D2 was perfect for an early evening movie night. With the advanced DLP chipset, it projects up to a 100-inch diagonal 720p image, ideal for any backyard environment.

Android TV 9.0 is the built-in operating system, meaning there’s no end to what can be projected with more than 5,000 apps, including YouTube, Hulu and Twitch. There’s also a companion Nebula App available for Android and iOS smartphones.

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