Like vinyl record players and instant cameras, old video game systems are seeing something of a renaissance. But, until recently, only those savvy enough to open a console and solder new bits to it could effectively run their Master System or Nintendo 64 in their modern loungeroom.

Thankfully, given retro gaming’s popularity, the number of products than can bring your old machines to a post-millennial standard without the need for invasive modifications has skyrocketed in just the last couple of years.

One of the biggest barriers to enjoying old consoles in 2021 is your HD flatscreen, and that’s especially true for pre-2000s consoles that were designed to display on CRTs. Even if your TV has the right ports, it will either not work with your console or it will try to de-interlace and upscale the image, which is fine for DVD players but will make your games ugly and add frustrating latency.

Plenty of companies make cheap cables and converters to connect your console to HDMI, but many also make for poor results. Enthusiasts and tinkerers would likely recommend the expensive and complicated Open Source Scan Converter.

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