We all forget passwords, combinations and even misplace our keys. With new portable locks from BenjiLock, a combination, password or key is not needed. Instead, all you need is a fingerprint.

The BenjiLock By Hampton Fingerprint Sport Lock is a slim, multi-purpose padlock. Up to 10 fingerprints can be stored for sharing access to the lock. Or, if you’re insecure that one fingerprint isn’t enough, use all 10 of one user’s fingerprints or 10 individual fingers from 10 people. It’s your choice; there’s no right or wrong.

Setup is simple, but first it must be charged with the included micro USB cable. Once the internal lithium battery is fully charged, it should last for six months of use before it needs another power boost.

After charging is complete the instructions are simple for programming by holding a finger on the sensor, wait for flashing lights then you’re programmed. Now the lock is ready to secure a cabinet, school or gym locker, or just hang it on a backpack so it’s ready for its next use. For that matter, keep it stored on a backpack to keep compartments locked up. Read more