Seattle gardening guru Ciscoe Morris visited Swansons Nursery in Ballard in order to share some gadgets that make life easier for gardeners.

“Okay, I’ve already got every one of these gizmos that I’m gonna show you but I love every one of them, so I know they’re good!” he said.

Gadget Number One – Felco pruners. The price is steep (98 dollars a pair) but they have replaceable Swiss-made parts and will last a lifetime “If you’re a right-hander you want Felco number 8s, if you’re a leftie you want Felco number 9s.” He adds they fit a smaller hand well, and that he doesn’t walk out the door into his garden without his Felcos holstered up. And after gardening’s done? “I sleep with ‘em under my pillow.”

Gadget Number Two looks like a pogo stick but it’s not. Ciscoe recommends a hand aerator for refreshing dead spots in your lawn. “Just don’t try to plug the whole big lawn with one of these, you’ll be walking like a cowboy who rode the horse way too long,” he added.

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