Gov. Glenn Youngkin, center, meets with House and Senate members inside his conference room at the end of the 2022 legislative session inside the State Capitol in Richmond on Saturday, March 12, 2022.Virginia’s divided part-time Legislature, unable to reach an agreement on a budget, opted to adjourn Saturday and reconvene later at the call of the governor to finish the year’s work.

Both chambers agreed to a resolution Saturday that allows the budget bills and a wide range of other measures that were still being negotiated to be carried over to a special session.

“We’re going to let everybody take a take a day or two and put our heads together on Monday or Tuesday and get back with everybody next week on a specific schedule,” Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin told reporters. “But we’re going to keep things moving. We’ve made good progress.”

The Democrat-controlled Senate and Republican-controlled House passed their respective spending plans in February, and a conference committee has been meeting to negotiate a compromise to send to Youngkin.

The House and Senate budget bills for fiscal years 2022-2024 contained some similarities, including raises for state and state-funded employees and hefty deposits to the state’s reserves and retirement system. But they were about $3 billion apart on tax policy, which also resulted in differing allocations to certain government services.

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