While there’s a lot Google needs to fix about Android Auto, the good news is that more and more glitches are getting resolved these days with the help of updates released by either the search giant itself or third parties whose apps are available in the car.After Samsung has recently started the rollout of a highly anticipated Android Auto fix supposed to address connection problems with the Galaxy S21 flagship, Amazon has also confirmed that it’s working on dealing with an error causing its music app to play the wrong song.

More specifically, this issue, which was first reported a few months ago, somehow causes Amazon Music to fail to play the requested song on Android Auto, and at the first glance, everything seems to be working properly with all the other media apps.

This means Amazon Music is the one to blame, and according to someone who reached out to the parent company, Amazon knows this too.

Support staff has recently confirmed that Amazon is indeed working on a fix for this music app bug, though for the time being, no ETA has been provided.

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