If you are someone sharing a Google Chromecast with your roommate or partner the one thing you would hate sharing is the same set of personalised content recommendations. This is because Google TV did not have the option to create separate user profiles on the same device. Google is changing this now. You will be able to create separate profiles so different users can get to enjoy content recommendations according to whatever they watch.

Google hasn’t released this feature officially but as per a report by 9to5Google, the Google TV Home app version 1.0.370 is said to include this feature. The report highlighting the feature said, “ Add another account to this device to have their own personalized Google TV experience. You can manage existing a accounts in Settings and then Accounts & Sign in.”

Having said that, it also confirmed that the feature is unavailable right now and Google intends to bring it soon. The report also added that Google TV may offer better support for kids’ profiles.