Google’s latest Nest Hub smart display can analyze your sleep and help you get a better night’s rest – all without wearing any sort of tracker. I’ve been sleeping with it near my bedside and I now know more about my sleep than ever before.

“We were kind of astounded actually with how many people were struggling with sleep,” started Ashton Udall, a Google product manager with Nest.

The Nest Hub 2nd generation, as it’s officially called, is very similar to the company’s first smart display – it can handle all of your typical smart home commands, like playing music, checking the weather and turning lights on and off. But Google learned that a lot of people preferred to put the original display in the bedroom since there is no camera on it. That gave them the idea to put sleep tracking tech in the latest version.

“We really wanted to gear the experience towards helping people make improvements in their sleep,” explained Udall.

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