grapesSnacking on grapes could prevent a heart attack or stroke, according to new research. Researchers from UCLA say the “superfood” is rich in chemicals that boost gut bacteria diversity and lower cholesterol — leading to better heart health.

Their study found just four weeks of eating grapes led to significant health boosts among people who rarely eat fruit and vegetables. The simple lifestyle change may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, the world’s number one killer.

Bursting with natural sugars, grapes are also rich in powerful antioxidants that dampen inflammation. The team tracked 19 people between 21 and 55 years-old who consumed the equivalent of about 40 grapes (or two servings) each day.

The rest of their diet was relatively low in fiber and plant chemicals (polyphenols) before and during the trial. Within a month, results show the diversity of their microbiome was higher. This is the community of trillions of bacteria and other microbes living in the gut essential for good health.

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