Greg Schiano might have something brewing at Rutgers in 2021. Even though they were 3-6 last season in his first year back, Schiano definitely made people notice the Scarlet Knights and the new look they displayed after a few disastrous seasons.

Quarterback Noah Vedral was a huge part of that transformation and he’s back for another season. Vedral originally transferred to Rutgers ahead of the 2020 season from Nebraska and with two years of eligibility left, he plans to use both. Speaking at Big Ten Media Day this week, Schiano opened up on the impact of Vedral.

“Yeah, Noah was a tremendous addition and it was during COVID, I was in my office, I was actually sitting in my home in Columbus, and he came into the portal,” Schiano said. “My recruiting guy shot me the video I watched it and I watched, I don’t know, 180 snaps. I said this is the guy. We got to get him.

He’s going to be perfect for what we do offensively and a two-week process that ended with Noah committing and signing with us and he’s been everything that we were looking for. He’s a tremendous student of the game, number one, very, very smart. Can run our offense, can run the whole operation.

“We’re a no-huddle outfit and he runs it seamlessly and I think having been in the system for a year it’s going to be even better going forward. And I think the other thing that he brings is he’s got a respect of his teammates. He’s an unselfish guy who is a giving guy and puts the team first. So when you have those traits, success is going to come.”