FOX News host Sean Hannity ripped the sports and entertainment industries on Monday’s “Hannity” for becoming “divisive platforms” for the far-left agenda, claiming the left’s “holier than thou ideology” has become “inescapable” for Americans.

SEAN HANNITY: Americans are fed up with being talked down to, having their values ridiculed, mocked and being lectured to. Elites in Hollywood, famous professional athletes, other woke social justice warriors, now constantly ramming their political beliefs into every single aspect of your life. Movies, sitcoms, pro sports, the left’s holier than thou ideology, it’s now inescapable. America’s favorite pastimes the NFL, the NBA, MLB, all sports that when you think about it, bring people of all races, all backgrounds, all religions, all political points of view, strangers, high five-ing each other, celebrating, commiserating together based on the love and built around the love of a shared passion…

Now even sports are being used as a divisive platform for far-left talking points. And Americans now are tuning out in droves.

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