Bill McCamley just quit one of the most difficult, demanding and depressing jobs in state government.

He headed the agency that for a year has tried to manage the claims of more than 100,000 unemployed people at a time.

McCamley stuck to canned statements regarding his departure, but he was definitive about one part of his future.

I asked him if he would make another run for Congress.

“No sir,” McCamley wrote in a text message.

What are you running for, if anything?

“Nothing,” McCamley replied.

He probably expected those questions. McCamley, 43, has been running for public offices for more than a third of his life.

At 26, he was elected as a Doña Ana County commissioner. By 29, McCamley was running for Congress in the 2nd District, which sprawls across the southern half of the state. He lost to an oilman in the Democratic primary election.

At 32, McCamley lost again, this time to a Republican for a seat on the state Public Regulation Commission.

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