L.A. healthcare workers cope with COVID mental health toll - Los Angeles  Times

While the pandemic has put a strain on hospitals with doctors and nurses working around the clock to care for COVID-19 patients, health care workers say the new year brings new hope and an opportunity for change.

Like a lot of people, doctors are starting 2022 by turning the page and making resolutions after a few difficult years with many looking inward in hopes of making meaningful changes in the year ahead.

“It’s been really tough for people who are caregivers,” said Dr. Aronica Cotton, a mother and psychiatrist with MedStar Health.

Health care workers have been hit hard by the pandemic with many struggling to leave the stress and sadness of their jobs at work.

“I used to just keep it all inside because I didn’t want to bring all that stuff home to my family, my safe space,” Cotton said.

“It still leaked out into interactions that I was having with my loved ones because I was more distant,” she said.

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