Chautauqua County health officials are expressing their support for monitoring wastewater for COVID-19 as well as other communicable diseases.

On Wednesday, the county legislature will vote on a resolution to create a fund to pay for a wastewater surveillance mentorship Pilot program. The resolution was tabled last month.

Christine Schuyler, public health director and commissioner of Social Services, said delaying the resolution does not stop the program; it only affect how it is paid. “Wastewater surveillance will occur in this county regardless of this resolution. This is a grant that is paying for the mentor relationship that we’re establishing through the National Association of City and County Health Officials,” she said during the Board of Health meeting Thursday.

In December the legislature passed a resolution that permitted the wastewater monitoring. The January resolution focuses more on establishing an account to accept a grant.

After the resolution was pulled last month, Legislature Chairman Pierre Chagnon said some county lawmakers had further questions about the program and asked it to be tabled. They wanted to ensure that privacy remained intact and that private wells were not being monitored.