A fantastic video from 1988 has resurfaced that shows legendary American film critic Roger Ebert showing off the greatest entertainment system of 1988 – the LaserVision.

Shared by Jeremy Herbert on Twitter, the late Roger Ebert appeared with Gene Siskel in a 1988 Holiday Gift Guide and he welcomed viewers to his basement entertainment center as part of one segment to show off his setup.

While showing off his entertainment center, which he called “The Orson Welles Room,” Ebert began by explaining that he had a 45″ screen because the 50″ screen would not fit down the stairs. He then proceeded to say how “anyone with any kind of large TV screen needs LaserVision in order to get a good picture on the screen because it gives you a lot more definition.”

The LaserVision, or LaserDisc, first arrived in the US in 1978 and was a home video format and the first commercial optical disc storage medium.

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