While this family might be one of the most renowned for its reality TV series which showcases the lives of each family member, there was always one who kept a few things close to her chest!

Anyone who was an avid Keeping Up With The Kardashian fan would know that we never EVER got to see the private dating life of Kendall Jenner.

Well, we finally have confirmation about why that is!

According to Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish, the show’s executive producer Farnaz Farjam explained that Kendall had created a rule around the filming of the men in her life.

“She felt like she had to be with someone for at least a year before she let them be a part of the show because she doesn’t always know what people’s intentions are,” Farnaz said.

“So that’s why we kind of kept her personal life out of it, just because she had a rule,” she added.

And honestly, fair enough!

After having watched all of her sisters’ relationships blow up in the public eye, why the hell would you bother?!

Especially since Kendall’s new boo was Jordyn Woods’ ex-boyfriend, talk about a missed opportunity right there…

So, we aren’t going to lie, we are kind of disappointed that now the show is ‘semi’ over, Kendall and her boyfriend, professional Basketball player, Devin Booker, just celebrated their one-year together!