Hilaria Baldwin talks about making “mistakes” in the debut of her podcast with Alec Baldwin, What’s One More?

“This has been a remarkably difficult and life-changing year for all of us between the pandemic, politics, the economy and raising children in these stressful times,” the mom of six says at the start of the show, which will see her and Alec hearing the stories of “incredible people” in the hopes of being inspired.

Hilaria, 37, went on to admit, “We all make mistakes along the way. We’re all imperfect. But we’re also constantly evolving and wanting to get it right. Each of us is a continual work in progress and it is by coming together to share our stories, struggles and wisdom that we can individually and collectively grow and learn.”

The mistakes comment  and the podcast  is her first big work venture since Spanish appropriation accusations, for which she issued a public apology in February.

In December, social media users accused her of posing as a Spanish woman, when she’s actually from Boston and named “Hilary.” The former yoga instructor explained that she spent a lot of time in Spain growing up and speaking Spanish.