The future of entertainment: metaverse, movies, pop culture changes |

First, the good news about 2032: It’s probably going to happen! After surveying a wide range of future-thinking artists and executives about what pop culture will look like a decade from now, EW is happy to report that they all believe civilization will still be standing in 10 years. Even better, our experts are confident that we’ll have lots of compelling stuff to listen to, watch, and play. “As long as humans are living on the surface of the planet in 2032,” says Seth Rogen, “movies will still be a thing.”

Movies, music, TV shows, podcasts, video games: Our forecasters agree they’ll continue to play huge parts in our lives in 10 years. But how we’ll enjoy them, and what forms they might take, is where the future gets fuzzy (and maybe a little daunting). What is clear from our conversations with nearly two dozen insiders is that the next decade will be a seismic one for Hollywood, as it continues its awkward, long-running marriage with Silicon Valley — a union that’s upending entire industries and altering our pop culture metabolisms.

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