From his iconic role in Superbad to his hilarious impressions on Saturday Night Live, the actor and comedian, Bill Hader has set the bar high. Therefore, to honor him on his 43rd birthday, Celeb Secrets collected some of our favorite Bill Hader impression moments that cracked us up!

Hader is always keeping it real with his impressions, showing fans how to impersonate another celebrity in a funny and realistic way. He has done some iconic skits on SNL and late-night talk shows. The icon would impersonate all kinds of celebs, such as Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood – one of our fav moments was his impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Many try to copy the iconic, thick Austrian accent that Schwarzeneggar has, but only a few can truly pull it off. Hader on the other hand, performed this accent almost better than Schwarzenegger himself! Appearing on the Conan talk show, Hader mocks his daughter in an impersonation of Arnie, and it is truly impressive!

The impressions don’t stop there, as Hader has many tricks up his sleeve. Tom Cruise was another hysterical impression that Hader pulled off quite well. Appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, Hader perfectly copied the Tom Cruise hand motions while impersonating Cruise’s excitement when he walks into any room. Quoting the conversation they had on the set of Tropic Thunder, it was almost impossible to tell the difference between Hader’s impression and Cruise’s voice.