Some of the more coveted cameos celebrities crave are in big franchises like the MCU or Star Wars franchises. Everyone wants to be on those sets because they’re larger than life. Everyone wants to be a Storm Trooper or just some random alien with a small encounter in Guardians of the Galaxy. Remember Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones cameo? Or how about Stan Lee’s 37 cameos in virtually every Marvel film ever?

Sometimes cameos are very obvious, allowing fans to catch them before they disappear; others are so secretive and hidden that not even the loyal fan could spot them.

We’ve watched Steven Spielberg’s Hook a thousand times throughout our childhoods and into our adulthoods that we broke our VHS machines and later scratched our DVDs. Yet we never spotted Glen Close’s cameo. How you may ask? We’re scratching our heads too. It all boils down to a very realistic disguise.

The Makeup Department Should Have Won An Award For Concealing Close So Well.

In a speech hyping up the fact that he’s finally going to get to kill Peter Pan, Hook asks his loyal followers who among them didn’t believe in him. He points to the crowd and asks who, just as the camera pans to a disguised Peter.

Hook points and says, “You!” and we think he’s talking to Peter, but he walks over to a pirate called Gutless.