This past March, a fleet of engineers, dancers, drummers, virtual and extended reality wizards, choreographers, designers and one electronic music superstar congregated at a soundstage in an industrial area of Long Beach, Calif.

Over three days of shooting, this sprawling crew used every tool at their disposal to make it appear as though that superstar producer, Marshmello, was performing inside a European soccer stadium thousands of miles away. To make the magic happen, even ‘Mello needed to expand his skillset.

“I had to practice dance moves,” says the producer, born Chris Comstock. “Choreography is something I’d never done.”

The massive effort — two years in the making — was all for Marshmello’s six-minute opening ceremony performance for the UEFA Champions League Final, happening today (May 29) in Porto, Portugal. Watch the complete performance below.

The producer was originally scheduled to play the prestigious event — headlined by Dua Lipa in 2018 and Imagine Dragons in 2019 — in 2020, although that performance was ultimately canceled due to COVID-19. In the run-up to the show.

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