Entrepreneurship can be risky, even when you are not weathering a pandemic. The financial investment, time, and personal dedication it takes to get a business or idea off the ground can feel all-consuming. But if you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, you’ll understand: when you have a dream or a business idea, sometimes you just have to go for it.

Small business owners have faced hard times in the last year, and that was certainly the case for Martina Hough, who owns a full-service wedding company in Hawaii alongside her husband. When wedding cancelations started coming through, Martina decided to pivot and try a new venture.

In the middle of tough economic times and after months of struggling with event cancellations within her wedding business, Martina founded Mad About Merino, a fashion brand that sells exclusively merino wool pieces, from scarves to ponchos and hats.

Starting a business centered around something you’re already passionate about imbues your company with a sense of authenticity. It is a great way to begin because you have existing knowledge about that thing that you can continually build your expertise on overtime, thus establishing your credibility. For Martina, it was the practicality and enjoyment of the fabric that served as the genesis of this business idea. She was passionate about merino wool long before she started her business. She discovered the fabric on a trip to Australia and has been wearing it consistently ever since.

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