This allows Humana to transition certain services to CenterWell, with changes expected to roll out over the next couple of years.

Health insurer Humana announced a new brand this week, CenterWell, which encompasses and connects a range of the company’s payer-agnostic healthcare services offerings. The first Humana-owned care services to adopt the new brand will be its senior-focused primary care facilities that have operated as “Partners in Primary Care” in several states and as “Family Physicians Group” in the Orlando area.

The move comes as Humana is pushing to expand its healthcare services capabilities, from primary care and pharmacy to home care, to strengthen its payer-agnostic portfolio. The new CenterWell brand will unite these services.

From a practical standpoint, the brand allows Humana flexibility to transition certain healthcare services to CenterWell, with the changes expected to roll out over the next couple of years. A senior-focused, payer-agnostic primary care medical group currently operating under two names will become the first CenterWell entity. Starting in April, Partners in Primary Care and Family Physicians Group will be known as CenterWell Senior Primary Care.

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