An eye-catching French vessel that developed from a legendary catamaran and powered by renewable energies and hydrogen has been in the Port of Long Beach for the past week, but will leave Wednesday, April 28, to continue its around-the-world trip.

The Energy Observer made its inaugural U.S. stopover in Long Beach — and 65th stop overall — on Thursday, April 22, during Earth Day celebrations after arriving by way of the Los Angeles River to meet up with the Queen Mary.

The vessel arrived after a 27-day sea passage from the Galapagos Islands, managing to cover 3,000 nautical miles self-sufficiently.

The project began in 2013 when Victorien Erussard, a merchant navy officer and ocean racer, assembled a team of sailors, scientists, engineers and reporters to create the first self-sufficient vessel that would draw energy from nature.

Four years later, the Energy Observer was launched.

The French Consulate, Port of Long Beach and the California Fuel Cell Partnership greeted its arrival to California.

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