High blood pressure linked to higher risk of epilepsyEpilepsy is the third most commonTrusted Source neurological condition that affects older people after stroke and dementia.

Research shows that late-onset epilepsy has become more widespreadTrusted Source in the last 2 decades. The number of people with the condition will probably continue to rise as the aging population increases, and epilepsy will likely become a significant public health concern.

Despite this, the underlying causes of epilepsy in 32–48% of cases remain unclearTrusted Source. Some researchTrusted Source suggests that vascular risk factors may increase the risk of late-onset epilepsy. Other researchTrusted Source indicates that vascular risk factors may be involved in epilepsy, beginning in a person’s 30s.

Understanding the role of vascular risk factors in late-onset epilepsy could help policymakers design public health measures and preventive strategies to curb and manage rates of the condition.

Recently, researchers led by the Boston University School of Medicine in the United States conducted a study investigating the link between vascular risk factors and the onset of epilepsy.

They found that hypertension had links to an almost 2-fold higher risk of developing late-onset epilepsy. This risk was even higher for those who did not use medication to regulate their blood pressure.

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