SPECIAL REPORT: “I felt the most inadequate,” excessive phone usage impacts mental health - Opera News

Technology is always evolving and nowadays everything we need is at the convenience of our fingertips. However, that convenience can come at a mental cost.

“I think we have lost touch with reality in that respect and I think we have to be very careful… because the further go down that hole, the more divisive we will continue to be,” commented Harlingen’s mother, Rebecca McBride.

For McBride, she typically uses her phone 10 to 12 hours a day, but only to keep in touch with her daughter who attends an out-of-state college, her husband who works at Space X all day, and to run her remote cookie business.

McBride said her cellphone is the only link she has with the people closest to her, but that it also links her to negativity. She added that there’s a lot of divisiveness that happens over social media and she has noticed people will comment on hurtful messages that they may not say in person.

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