Most Republican elected officials are so weary of Donald Trump and his relentless negative impact on the party that if he “disappeared tomorrow I don’t think you’d have many Republicans in the search party,” former GOP Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock speculated Sunday.

“Maybe a few prosecutors,” she joked to Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” But “not Republicans.”

The problem, Comstock noted, is that while Republicans “want to get away from him,” Trump is “not going to go away.” And Republican lawmakers have to figure out a way to continue to help govern, despite that, and support things like a crucial decision to create a Jan. 6 commission.

“This is not about Democrats or Republicans,” she added, referring to the commission, which won’t be created thanks to a filibuster by Republicans in the Senate. “It’s about the country, and it’s about getting to the truth, and it’s about protecting the Capitol, the people who work there, and also making sure this never happens again.”