The 10-square-meter (107-square-foot) apartment is located in the Shinjuku district and will cost just 99 yen ($0.86) per month to rent, according to details released by Ikea this week.
Only one unit is available, and it is fully furnished with Ikea furniture and accessories. The company is accepting applications from potential tenants, who must be over 20 years old, until December 3.
The apartment will then be rented out with a lease through January 15, 2023, said Ikea. The tenant will have to pay their own utility bills.
Ten square meters isn’t much, but Ikea say they have worked hard to make the most of the available area.
“One of the keys is to make good use of the vertical space,” the company said on its website. “By capturing the room three-dimensionally, new possibilities open up in a limited space.”