In the last years, IL Group has reported a strong and rapid growth of their make-up business unit. By the end of 2021, make-up will account for half of the group’s sales. If mascara still represent the biggest pillar of the group’s make-up business, IL Cosmetics continues its successful story in other segments, such as liquid lip products. Indeed, the company produces one of the top selling lip-gloss range in Europe and ranks among the leading European subcontractors in lip products.

For make-up, tastes are key and really differ from one region to another. IL Cosmetics therefore believes it is even more important to truly understand the specificities of each market in the world. That is why they have implemented regional consumer panels both for mascaras and lip products, in order to develop personalized and suitable products per region.

According to IL Cosmetics, one of the reasons behind their growth in the last years is the dynamism that has been maintained on all product developments thanks to the organization by business lines. At the different stages of product development, IL Cosmetics teams always put lot of emphasis on innovation while, at the same time, keeping the good performances that consumers are used to.