a man wearing a hat and glasses: Supercell

Brit specialist distributor ILY Films has picked up U.K. right to Supercell, a Twister-style action/disaster movie about storm chasers starring Alec Baldwin.

The feature, from first-time director Herbert James Winterstern, is currently in post and set for a 2022 release.

Baldwin star as Zane Rogers, a greedy and unscrupulous man who has turned the life-threatening practice of storm chasing into a thrill-seeking tourism business. Diemer plays William, a good-hearted teenager, and son of a legendary storm chaser Bill Brody who was killed by a massive super tornado.

A mysterious package of his father’s old journals sparks William to run away from his still-grieving mother, Quinn (Anne Heche) and join his dad’s old Roy (Skeet Ulrich) on a tornado chase. But Zane, spotting a money-making opportunity, uses the son of the great Bill Brody as a tourist attraction and leads the group into the eye of a supercell, the most dangerous storm ever seen.

Winterstern, whose directing credits include episodes of NBC horror series Siberia, which he also co-produced, directed Supercell from a script he co-wrote with Anna Elizabeth James.

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