The beautiful Chilean model Daniella Chávez knows perfectly how to pamper her loyal audience by publishing videos showing off some sets of clothes that come to her for promote.

As you will surely know, the beautiful young woman has work to do like influencer trying to convince her beloved audience to buy some of the products that she uses herself, of course wearing those of the brands in the best possible way.

This time it was the turn of a black lace with pink That made her charms show off in an impressive way so much so that her fans considered it to be one of her best videos recently published, a real hottie, they say.

We rescued the video so that you can enjoy it at all times when it first comes out of full figure and then give a little closer to their enormous charms all of course in the most coquette possible.

It is important to mention that the model always dreamed of working in this huge industry that is entertainment, fashion, fashion and makeup, areas that have allowed her to achieve some of her dreams such as moving to Miami, Florida.

In that city she has managed to start a family and lives with her in a luxurious apartment which is very beautifully arranged with elegant furniture and is always showing us.