Instagram wants to give its users the opportunity to proudly assert themselves. It is now possible to choose and display one’s pronouns on their profile. A new option for more inclusiveness on the platform that should please many in the community.

Instagram has clearly listened to its users. For some time, internet users have been forthright about specifying their preferred pronouns on their profile. It’s a concrete way to assert gender and avoid potentially offensive or indelicate conversations. This evolution in user behavior is a reflection of current social issues that has obviously pushed the community platform to improve the editing options for profiles.

Announced on Tuesday, May 11 via Instagram’s Creators account, the “pronouns” option allows users to display up to four pronouns in their description. “Starting today, we’re giving people more ways to express themselves on Instagram: now, you can add your pronouns to your profile. You can add up to 4 pronouns, and can edit or remove them at any time,” reads the caption to a video introducing the option.

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