External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar and US corporate leaders talked about how to increase investment, create more jobs and transfer technology, said US-India Strategic Partnership Forum Chief Mukesh Aghi on Friday (local time).

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Mukesh Aghi said, there was no discussion on COVID-19 vaccine in the meeting.

“The outcome of this meeting was that the commitment of US companies for India with India has become much stronger during this COVID-19 crisis. They have their own employees but if you look at the contribution they made is not specific to their company employees but overall to India itself,” he said.

Aghi further said that the interest in investment and growth still continues as the FDI investment in India form US companies goes up by 20 per cent, compared to last year. So overall, the sentiment was strong, they talked about how to increase investment create more jobs transfer technology.

Speaking on COVID-19 vaccine, he said, “I think there was no discussion on vaccine in the closed door meeting we had. But when we talk to folks like Pfizer Moderna Johnson and Johnson, they are in discussion with government of India, to see how they can supply this vaccine

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