According to insider reports, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are not done travelling following their getaway to the Hamptons. That being said, the reunited couple is very dedicated to putting some quality time into their relationship as they make more plans for the summer. As fans know, J.Lo and Ben are currently long-distance since she lives in Bel-Air and Ben lives in Los Angeles.

Despite this, they are both determined to make their romance work, which is why they often spend time in Miami and at her estate in the Hamptons. This is the case especially in the warmer months of the year, making their time together double as a vacation! Now, one source shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Their connection is very real and they are dedicated to making this relationship work.

Jen typically spends the summers at her vacation home in Southampton so while she and Ben were having quite a blast with their kids at Universal Studios in LA, her summer home in Long Island was getting prepared for her arrival the next day. She loves vacationing at her home in the Hamptons during summers, but since Ben lives in LA where his kids also are, she will be splitting her time between the 2 coasts so they can just spend as much time together as possible.’