J.Lo.’s birthday is right around the corner but that’s not to say that she is going to celebrate with a big party. Instead, new insider reports say that she will be having a low-key celebration alongside her rekindled flame Ben Affleck and the rest of her family members. There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez knows how to party but for her 52nd birthday, she would rather just spend a relaxed, less flashy day with her loved ones, Ben included.

One source dished on her plans for the big day, telling HollywoodLife that: ‘Jen is going to keep her birthday rather chill. She is looking to be with her family and Ben, have a delicious meal and just take the day off to relax since the rest of the year is usually devoted to work. There really isn’t going to be a big thing because Ben’s birthday’s right around the corner and they’re looking to travel more and they’ll celebrate both of their big days as the summer goes on. Jen also is not expecting any lavish gifts.’

They went on: ‘She is being really easy-going about the whole thing and would rather keep it to a group of her close friends, her kids, Ben, and she’ll celebrate throughout the weekend. Jen loves spending time at home with all her family, but she also loves getting dressed up and heading out for the night so she plans on mixing it up a bit and having fun with it.