There are, famously, a lot of things that wind Jeremy Clarkson up. Cycle lanes, electric cars, vegan food – that sort of thing. The broadcaster and columnist has made a career out of saying provocative things about provocative subjects.

But his already-limited patience is severely tested in his latest TV series, which follows the 61-year-old as he attempts to run his own farm in the Cotswolds.

Clarkson’s Farm marks a significant change in direction for the presenter, who is usually known for fronting motoring programmes and ITV’s recent reboot of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

For the last two years, however, cameras have followed him on his Chipping Norton farm as he contends with disobedient animals, problematic weather, broken tractors, unresponsive crops and strict insecticide laws – and that’s before the pandemic even hits. The eight episodes confirm, not that there was any doubt, that being a farmer is extraordinarily hard work.

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