Is it possible to compete in a multi-disciplinary motorsport event in junk cars? KJ Jones and David Freiburger intend to find out and offered six teams of two the chance to battle it out at the Pima County Fairgrounds and surrounding tracks in hoopties worth only $5,000. Welcome to the Hooptie World Championship!

The biggest barrier to entry in any form of motorsport is cost. Vehicle maintenance and modifications, transportation to and from events, insurance, the cost of the vehicle itself—it all adds up quickly. In some racing series, racers even have to bring their own sponsorships to teams just to be considered for a spot. The Hooptie World Championship is going to fix all that. The $5,000 initial vehicle budget and limited modification budgets make this type of motorsport achievable to a much wider group of enthusiasts. But what kind of competition is the Hooptie World Championship?

The Hooptie World Championship picks up where the Holiday Hooptie Challenge and $3K Hooptie Challenge left off, but instead of using vehicles out of the Roadkill fleet, competitors have been tasked with bringing their own hooptie that can’t be valued at more than $5,000 at the beginning of the series.

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