people will say this is a Trump allegory,” says comic book writer Mark Millar about the rise of a manipulative, power-mad villain in his new Netflix series “Jupiter’s Legacy.” “But that was actually just coincidence.”

Millar is behind some of the most acclaimed superhero stories that have hit the big screen, from “Captain America: Civil War” to “Logan.” He’s made a name with his independent Millarworld titles as well, including the “Kick-Ass,” “Kingsman,” and “Wanted” films.

For his first collaboration with Netflix – which had acquired Millarworld – Millar settled on “Jupiter’s Legacy,” a title he had originally published in 2013. The first season traces the origins of a superhero group called the Union in 1929 and how those surviving members are struggling in the present day with their offspring abiding by a strict set of guidelines. To prevent the Union from abusing their superpowers, leader Sheldon Sampson known as The Utopian (Josh Duhamel), established the Code: they would neither govern nor use their powers to kill – not even the bad guys.