Vice President Kamala Harris has gone 79 days without visiting the U.S.-Mexico border, which has been the source of bipartisan criticism because she was tapped by President Joe Biden to be his point person to address the surge.

Harris has also been criticized over recent awkward interviews when she was asked about when– if ever– she will visit the border. The most recent interview was Thursday on Univision with anchor Ilia Calderón.

Calderón pressed Harris on when she plans to visit the border.

“I’ve said I’m going to the border,” Harris told the anchor. “And I-”

“When are you going to the border, Vice President?” Calderón asked during a remote interview.

“I’m not finished,” Harris sternly replied and then gave away to a laugh. “I’ve said I’m going to the border. And also if we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that cause people to go to the border, to flee to the border. So my first trip as vice president of the United States was to go- in terms of a foreign trip- to Guatemala, to be on the ground there to address and to be informed of the root causes why are the people of Guatemala leaving.”