Vice President Kamala Harris, the White House’s point person on the migrant crisis at the southern border, has gone 84 days without visiting the region and it appears former President Trump will get down there first.

Trump announced in a press release on Tuesday that he accepted an invitation from Gov. Greg Abbott, the Texas Republican, to tour the “decimated” border.The Biden administration has blamed the border crisis on Trump’s policies.

Harris’ critics say that it is clear why she wants to avoid the border. The migrant issue is not easy to solve. If she becomes the administration’s face of the crisis– and it carries on Biden’s entire term– she will have failed her most important task.The White House has insisted that she is focused on getting to the root cause of the issue, namely why migrants want to leave their countries, and work with these countries to root out corruption and help them economically. If her success is tied to scoring a diplomatic breakthrough with Honduras and Guatemala, she can blame these countries for the stalemate.

Harris told Univision in an interview last week that she planned to visit the border, but declined to give a date when asked.
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