Vice President Kamala Harris has gone 90 days without visiting the border despite President Biden naming her as his point person on the immigration crisis at the southern border.

Harris has been widely criticized for not visiting the border despite the role.

They say she is protecting her political ambitions and wants to work on the crisis from behind the scenes. The White House has insisted that her role is not to visit the border; the Biden administration wants Harris to score a diplomatic victory with countries from the Northern Triangle and get to the root cause of the crisis.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts announced Monday that he will send a group of state troopers to Texas later this month to assist local authorities with border security amid an ongoing immigration crisis.

Ricketts said his decision was a response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent public call for state governors to provide law enforcement resources. Like other prominent Republicans, the Nebraska governor argued that President Biden’s immigration policies have exacerbated the border crisis.

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