The 38-year-old actress admitted she had a “really, really hard time” after becoming a household name after the release of her 2002 movie ‘Blue Crush’ because she had no idea “how to handle” the attention.

Speaking on the ‘Ladies First With Laura Brown’ podcast, she said: “It was so intense and overwhelming. I did not know how to handle that at all. And I also did not know how to really communicate through that very well to support systems or to my friends or family.

“I was losing a lot of weight because I was really under a lot of scrutiny, and I was so stressed and spun out that if you see images of me then, it’s like seeing someone under duress.”

And the ‘Superman Returns’ star had no idea how to deal with her health issues.

She admitted: “I think that a lot of times people in the spotlight get this sort of thing, like, ‘Well, that’s what you chose,’ and that’s what it is.”

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