According to new insider reports, Khloe Kardashian may have finally accepted that maybe, she and Tristan Thompson are just not meant to be! This comes after the on again, off again couple’s latest breakup! Khloe Kardashian previously gave her baby daddy, not one, but two big chances after he cheated on her during her pregnancy and then again, with former family friend Jordyn Woods.

With that being said, it obviously seemed like, as far as she was concerned, there was still hope they could make it work because she thought they were meant to be in spite of all the drama and betrayal. But after his third serious strike, it sounds like Khloe has finally realized that maybe she’s better off without him! One insider previously shared that Khloe felt utterly humiliated to learn about his latest cheating scandal!

Allegedly, the basketball player was spotted entering a private room with three different women at a house party. ‘She feels like such a fool for believing that Tristan could change,’ the source told Star. They went on to mention that Khloe dumped Tristan a few weeks before Father’s Day. However, they still made sure to celebrate together as a family, for the sake of their 3 year old daughter, True.