Kim Kardashian looks very colorful in neon swimsuits! | AFP

Businesswoman, model and socialite from the United States Kim Kardashian recently shared a post with which she showed some of her cute charms, while wearing a swimsuit, the impressive thing is that it was not only one but several that were tested.

It is said that such is the popularity of the beautiful celebrity that she manages to earn an exorbitant amount of money just by putting a simple photo on her Instagram or perhaps any other of her social networks.

Perhaps for this reason on some occasions it tends to share up to two publications a day or perhaps more, although it does not saturate its fans with content, that although it shared flirty photos like the protagonists of this note, its followers would be more than delighted.

These Photos He shared them precisely 10 hours ago, in them he shows his exquisite figure with three different neon swimsuits that he recently launched from his line of SKIMSAlthough to tell the truth, they are not exactly swimsuits but interiors, but they could easily go through these garments, especially since they have become fashionable for a few weeks.

It has been precisely Kim kardashian and other Internet personalities whom we have seen with this type of swimsuits, among them Anastasia Kvitko, Ana Cheri and even her younger sister stand out. Kylie jenner.