Property owners in the city of Lafayette could end up paying more for fire protection for residents in unincorporated areas, whose voters rejected taxing themselves for fire protection in 2018.

City of Lafayette residents already pay a property tax for fire protection. Residents in unincorporated areas do not.

The Lafayette Parish Council on Tuesday is expected to consider calling for an election Oct. 9 asking voters across the parish to take part of a property tax currently paid for public health units, mosquito protection and animal control and rededicate it to fire protection parishwide.

In the past, Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit said even municipal fire departments benefit from additional revenue for parishwide fire protection because all city fire departments respond to calls outside their municipal boundaries. At one time, Benoit said the city of Lafayette received $100,000 a year to cover unincorporated areas but not anymore because the parish government doesn’t have enough money in its general fund.

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